Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jazz On the Green

Saturday was the annual Jazz On the Green concert for children's charities. A friend of ours was one of the event coordinators, and she comped us two $35 tickets.

We got there around 4 PM, which was when it began. It was chilly out (high about 68, I think), and we setup in a good location off to the side and less populated. However we did find later on that there wound up being a lot of foot traffic.

The first performer was Wendy Renee, and she was AWESOME. Although you can't tell in this video, her voice is really similar to that of Beyonce. She is really very talented, and is currently in the recording studios working on her first album. Here is a quick clip of her final song performance.

The second performer was a 17-year-old from Tampa by the name of B.K. Jackson. He is an unbelievable saxophone player, and a very energetic performer.

We left about 7 PM, so we missed the last two performers, including Grammy Award winning performer Arturo Sandoval. We would have loved to have stayed and watched the whole thing. However it was quite cold after the sun went down, and we got sick of the cigar smoker next to us. P.U.!

It was a really nice day. I would definitely love to do this again next year. And many thanks to Stacy for the free tickets!