Saturday, February 28, 2009

Do Good Intentions Count?

Another blogger posted on her blog about the rudeness of people who do not respond to emails. I told her that some people are rude and thoughtless, but some are just "distracted" by life, and really have the best of intentions. I got to thinking about how I am one of these people-- the good intentioned ones, not the rude and thoughtless (not that I can't be rude and thoughtless on rare occasions).

For me it is a matter of "absentmindedness" and distraction. I truly lose track of time. I can't explain it. Lots of you probably experience similar problems with time. Perhaps the difference is whether or not you are a procrastinator. If you are like my mother, and you do everything NOW and not tomorrow, then it doesn't matter how quickly time passes.

But if you are a procrastinator, and you keep putting things off like I do, because I'm always in the middle of doing something else at the time, then before you know it days have passed, and then weeks. What is more horrifying then to realize that you have allowed months to pass without sending a thank you to someone for something that they gave you or did for you? Or buying the birthday card, but never quite getting it into the mail. And by the time you are finally ready to do it, so much time has passed that it would seem almost ridiculous and just plain pitiful to send it now!

For those of you who know me, let me apologize for my absentmindedness and procrastinating ways. Today in my response to Jen I referred to myself as "absentminded with good intentions". So please know that I am never thoughtless and always appreciative of everything that any of you do for me, and I have the best of intentions, and "best intentions" count...don't they?


Neabear said...

These kinds of things happen to me. I hang on to the cards I forgot to send and then send it on time the next year. I have done a couple of those recently. I forget things I had "good intentions" to do. Happens all the time. I guess we should be making lists so the next time we sit down at the computer we can remember to respond to those emails. Maybe together we can improve on our good intentions. One can hope anyway.