Monday, February 16, 2009

Violet Sighting

Today we had a little visitor at work. One of the other employees called me out to see the snake that slipped under his car. I went out to find it hiding under the back of his car.
Snakeunder back

I've decided that she is a female, and I'm calling her Violet.

The employee stamped his feet to try to scare the snake out, but it just caused Violet to coil up defensively.
Snake close up

I decided that I was going to hang out until I got a shot of this girl out in the open. It was a wait. Finally she sneaked over to the other back tire.
Snake back tire

The snake began to come out from behind the tire, but I think it sensed my movement and got nervous, and curved back around to head back under the car again.
Snake moving front

It started up to the front of the car...
Snake moving front

...and then appeared from behind the front right tire.
Snake right tire

By this point, I was being very careful to not move, and would even try to block my breath when I exhaled. I was doing everything I could to go undetected, or at least to not appear to be a threat.

Yet Violet seemed to still realize that I was there, despite her poor eyesight. She moved across to the left front tire, and peeked out at me from the other side.
Snake peak left

She started moving along the parking bumper and acted as though she may come out...
Snake under bumper

...but then seemed to sense me again and headed back under the car. Suddenly she peeked out from behind the right front tire at me.
Snake peak

After much patience, and probably about 10 minutes of me sitting as still as possible with my camera at the ready, she came out of hiding.
Snake moving


I finally got up to get some better shots, and the snake froze.

Snake alert

Snake on the move

I backed off a step or so, and she moved on again toward the planters.
Snake on the road

Snake in bush

She is a pretty snake. We see her around on occasion. I love snakes!


Neabear said...

Oh my goodness, what a peek a boo game you had going there. Cute even though I don't really like snakes much. One of my nephews used to keep snakes when he was young. I don't know if he still does or not. Sure made for an interesting break at work for you.

Anonymous said...

I now have my feet up on a stool. Just in case.

nfmgirl said...

Neabear and Jen-- I'm one of those girls that the guys would try to scare with snakes when we were kids, and then be sorely disappointed by, "Ohhhhhh! How cute! Can I hold it?"

I grew up with a brother who had rat snakes, pythons, and boas when I was growing up. So I've acquired a real love for them, and a sort of "awe"...

Neas Nuttiness said...

Move over jenontheedge, cause I cominmg up there with your!!!