Sunday, December 28, 2008

Muck About 2008

This Labor Day I convinced Woodrow to do the annual Muck About with me. I learned of the Muck About this summer when I saw a news story on NBC. Once a year, the local photographer Clyde Butcher holds an event at his gallery in Ochopee, FL. There is folk music and food, and it includes a walk through the Florida everglades.

The walk takes place right behind Clyde's Big Cypress Gallery, where his home is located.
Gallery sign Gallery

There were tents setup with crafts and food for sale.
Food Vendors

We actually did two swamp walks. We probably spent 2-3 hours hiking through knee deep swamp water. It was quite the experience. I didn't take my camera on the walk, as I was concerned with dropping it into the water. I did take pictures of the swamp from the outside looking in, though.

We had the "tree face"...
Tree face

...the swamp apple...
Swamp apple

...and lots of bromeliads.

Of course, there were trees and swamp everywhere.
Swamp Swamp 
Swamp Swamp

After our walk, we ate lunch and listened to the folk singers perform. Then we went and looked around in Clyde's gallery. He has unbelievable work! I mean, look at this shot of Estero Island. It doesn't even look real, and looks like the set of a movie.

While in the gallery, I took a picture of Woodrow and Clyde together.

Woodrow, an aspiring photographer, really admires Clyde's work, and this was a big moment for him.

While Woodrow finished looking around inside, I sat outside and got some pictures of the flowers and bees.
Flowers Bee 
Flower Flower

Before we left, I spent some time taking pictures of the entrance to the swamp around the gallery.
Swamp Swamp inlet 

While taking pictures, a tour guide pointed out a gator that was hiding nearby unnoticed by me.
Gator Gator

He then pointed out an approaching gator. It had obviously been fed by people, as it seemed to be looking to us for food.
Gator approaching Gator 
Gator approaching Gator

We enjoyed our day at the gallery and hiking through the swamp, and I look forward to doing it again in 2009.