Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Katy Katy

Today I would like to introduce you to a valued member of our family, Katy (pronounced Katie).

Katy is Mom's dog. Katy came to our family a couple of years ago after Mom learned about her horrible living conditions. She had an employee who was telling her that she was "dogsitting" for her neighbors. She would go over each day and let the dog out.

This is what we've pieced together of Katy's early life:

Evidently Katy spent her first two years of life in a cage in the garage. The cage was barely big enough for her to stand up and turn around in. Her feet were resting on a barred cage floor all day, and she now has some dewclaws that are barely attached to her foot, due to them getting caught in the floor.

Katy girl

We think that the woman of the house and her daughter were actually trying to do good for Katy by keeping her in the garage. We believe that the husband abused Katy, so she was kept out of his way. Katy still gets nervous around a lot of men, and especially men with things like a broom in hand. She cowers as if she is about to be beaten, or growls at some men.

When Mom got Katy, she had the worst bladder infection the vet had ever seen. This was from her being kept in a cage and not allowed out to the bathroom for extended periods.


Katy is totally an omega dog, and collapses to the floor in submission with a simple word like "no". She is very eager to please and obedient. She is such a great dog. And she absolutely ADORES me! She gets so excited whenever she knows that she is getting to see me!

Katy's life today is a complete 180 degrees. She is hardly ever alone, as my mother usually takes her to work with her. When Mom can't take her with her for a couple of days (such as when she goes away on vacation), I take Katy to work with me. She's such a good girl. She knows that she is allowed in my office and the offices adjoining mine. She will go to the doorway, but will not pass through it until given permission.


Katy is the only dog I know that has a trampoline for a bed!
Katy on bed

Katy on bed

Katy on bed

She has tons of toys, that she will get out of her toybox and take to her bed to play with. And she is so gentle with her toys.


Katy and bunny

Katy and bunny

Katy is a very lucky girl. When Mom heard her story, she told her employee, "Get me that dog! You tell those people I want that dog!" The woman agreed to hand the dog over to Mom once she was assured that Katy would have a wonderful life.

The woman and her daughter came to visit Katy at my Mom's work one day, several months later. Katy was very excited to see them, especially the daughter. The daughter asked her mother if they could take Katy home. Her mother told her "no", that Katy was happy and had a much better life now.

Katy may be a lucky girl, but we also feel very lucky to have Katy in our lives.




Neas Nuttiness said...

I just love happy endings...sigh!

I can't understand how people can treat God's creatures in such horrible ways.

The trampoline bed is ingenious!!!
It keeps the dogs off the floor, and provides air circulation. Why didn't I think of this myself? I think I may need to go shopping now!

Kathy said...

That trampoline is a doggy version of a tempur-pedic mattress!

What a gentle soul she is. And what a survivor.