Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's a Raptor's Paradise

I've noticed a trend in south Florida. It seems that raptors are thriving, along with vultures (I don't think they are considered raptors, but I'm not positive).

Just within the last few weeks, I've spotted many a hawk, eagle, vulture, owl, etc.

There are a lot of hawks in the area where I live. I saw three within about a 1/4 mile stretch of road one day.

I spotted this Kestrel on the way to work one day.
Hawk off Diplomat

I've seen it a couple of other times, too.

This guy was near the same area, a few weeks later.
Hawk work

One day at work a couple of weeks ago I went outside, and heard a chattering. I thought it sounded like an eagle or osprey. I looked around and spotted an eagle landing on the cell tower, and it was chattering up a storm to its mate already sitting on the tower.
Bald eagles

Vultures are really thriving around here. This group is a smaller group:
Vultures in sky

A week or two before this, I saw a group of about fifty vultures circling around in the sky. Unfortunately I didn't have the camera with me.

Here are some that were near my home.


Personally I love vultures. However I am disturbed by the implication. It means that there is a lot of death around to sustain them. I think that this is a side-effect to all of the development. There are tons of raccoons and oppossums being run out of their homes and killed on the roads.

And of course we've got the owls all around this area. I don't know whether they are considered raptors either, but they sure are cute.
Burrowing Owl

It's a raptor's paradise down here!