Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lizard Happenings

This is the kind of thing you regularly encounter when you live in Florida.
Lizard from outside

I drive up to work today, and as I pull into my parking spot I spy this lizard on the inside of our window. I knew that I'd have to try to catch the little guy (actually a "big" guy) and get him outside before he died.
Lizard from inside

What do you do when you are only one person trying to catch a big lizard, and the blinds won't stay up?
Lirzard tie

Tie the blinds string to the door, or course!
Lizard Door

I think he was weak with dehydration, so he was slow and easy to catch.
Lizard Trap

Lizard Trapped

I took him outside, and he just sat on the paper for a minute.
Lizard free

Last I saw him, he had run into the bushes.
Brown Anole

Brown Anole

Poor little guy was thin and weak. I hope he makes it. Usually the lizards die before we ever get them outside.


Neabear said...

On one of our trips to Florida to visit our son, we stopped to eat at the restaurant where he was working at that time. When we came back out, there was a lizard on the side of our rental van. We took pictures of it of course. Also you wondered I think how Stella got started, I made a list on my blog of all of my Stella posts. Reading through those will tell you a little bit about how Stella got started.

Maggie May said...

gosh he was so very thin. poor guy.

your blogs are fun, i love the grow your own food - that you are doing that is awesome.