Sunday, February 15, 2009

RECIPE: Pot Roast Soup

Last night I made Sunday Pot Roast. Tonight I was going to just heat up leftovers, but saw on The Way the Cookie Crumbles an idea for making the leftover pot roast into soup. It sounded good, so I decided to do that.

So I sauteed up some onions and mushrooms in olive oil. Then I added the wine gravy leftover from last night, along with a can of beef broth and a can of chicken broth. (I realized after I'd done this that I should have mixed a little flour in with the shrooms and onions for a few minutes before adding the broth. This would make it a little thicker like stew.)

I shredded the pot roast meat and chopped up the potatoes and carrots from last night, then poured it all in to the soup. Then I added some dried thyme and rosemary, and a little of my house seasoning.

Pot Roast Soup