Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Found Bird

I was sitting in my living room after work yesterday, making a grocery list, and my little Odie started his late-day chirping that he regularly does. Only this time I noticed an echo. How strange!

Then my cat Shotsie jumped up on the screen door and hung by her claws. I yelled at her, grabbed the canned air,and sprayed her to get her to get down.

A few minutes later, I noticed three of my cats on the table on the porch, all staring up at the same spot. I got up to see what they were looking at, and found this:

Lovebird in vine

Look carefully, and you'll see a lovebird sitting in the jasmine vine outside my porch. Evidently he heard my Odie chirping, and came to visit. Of course, I initially thought it was Odie that was outside, but one glance at Odie's cage assured me that he was still safely inside it.

He climbed up to the roof, and I got some shots of him.

Lovebird on roof

Then I got this quick video of him:

We had to go to the grocery store, but I put out a cage with seed and water and sprinkled seeds around the cage to try to lure him in. I also moved the cats indoors, moved Odie's cage closer to the screen door, and left the porch door open, in hopes that the bird would try to come in to visit with Odie, and I could trap him in the porch. No such luck. When we got back from the store 20-30 minutes later, the little bird was gone.

I'm hopeful that the bird will come visit again. I'm thinking about buying a long-handled bird net to try to catch him if he shows up again. I'm also going to put some bird seed out in the feeders, in hopes that he'll return to feed. Poor little guy!


Neas Nuttiness said...

Heather - I do hope he comes back. These little guys are so domesticated...and Odie could use another fried.

Kathy said...

I was just going to ask if lovebirds normally live in the wild. Amazing how perfectly camoflouged he was in the vibirnum?
Hope he comes back, too.