Monday, April 20, 2009

Getting To Know Me: The Office (Walls) Part 2

Behind my chair in my office, hanging on the wall, I have a page from a scrapbook which is posted with photos I've taken. Both sides have photos, so I will periodically flip it over for awhile so that the images that have been on the back can be viewed.


Side One

Far Left: A photo taken of bikers coming around a bend. This was taken in a park in Vancouver, Canada.


Top Center: This is a close-up of a bee and flower.

Bee and flower

Top Right: This shot was taken in Alaska. I forget exactly where, but I think it was in Skagway. I just noticed that I cut the bottom of the picture off when I took this shot.


Lower Left: This is a lighthouse that was located somewhere near the Canadian/Alaskan border.


Lower Right: This was a shot of a rainbow, looking out from my apartment balcony in Washington State.

View from old apartment


Top Left: This shot was taken from a mountain in Juneau, Alaska. I heard an airplane, turned around to look for it, and realized that the airplane was actually lower than we were!

Airplane in Juneau

Top Right: A Bird of Paradise shot.

Bird of Paradise

Center: I took this shot from our hotel room in Vancouver, Canada. There was no screen or anything in the window, so I was able to hang out of it and get this shot of the water.


Lower Left: This is a shot that I took of Glacier Bay.

Glacier Bay

Lower Right: These are buffalo in Custer State Park in South Dakota.


So those are some of the shots that I've gotten over the years. More are to come.

(NOTE: The actual shots are much better than these "pictures of pictures".)


Kathy said...

Wow, Heather. Such beautiful scenery you've captured. The buffalo shot is especially iconic. It must be nice to have these nearby to gaze at whenever you wish to be transported for a spell.
PS. Your Plumeria reminds me of a fondant flower on a cake--- good enought to eat!

Jennifer Juniper said...

Did you feel our girlfriend vibe we sent your way yesterday as honorary blog-sistah?? Thanks for checking in :)