Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Welcome To My World

This is the kind of thing that goes on in the kitchen of MY house.


Why is there a flame in my kitchen sink? Because I currently have a Woodrow living with me.

My boyfriend Woodrow. He is currently on a camping kick, and has been exploring his options for outdoor cooking. He learned that he could make his own alcohol stove using two soda cans and rubbing alcohol.

Once this was made, of COURSE he had to try it out in my porcelain sink.


Of course, the whole time this went on I hovered over it nervously, worrying the heat may crack my porcelain sink, making him periodically move it so we could check the sink and make sure it wasn't too hot. And filming it for posterity, and to gain the sympathies of the women out there for what I must endure!

Here's some video of it in action.

For those who wonder why I don't yet have children: These are the actions of an intelligent, calm and controlled, ADULT man. Can you imagine what I would be dealing with if he were a child? I don't know if my house can survive it.

And yet, I hope to find out at some point in the upcoming years whether I can survive children. God help me.

(Sidenote: Don't tell Woodrow, but I did actually think it was pretty cool. Unfortunately this has led to him buying an alcohol cooking stove, and now cooking all of his meals and making tea using it on my kitchen island.)


Neas Nuttiness said...

I had a blond moment...I kept thinking that the camera was going to catch on fire, because of the close ups. Then I remembered that cameras have zoom lenses. Please don't tell anyone about my faux pas!!

You know, you can spank children for unruly behavior...but then again, you could spank the Woodrow... but that might lead to something else, and frankly I don't even want to go there;-)