Monday, May 18, 2009

Whoa Nelly, this is a big thank you a'comin'...

I am due for a thank you for some recent prizes won, but the HUGE giveaway that I got this week is gonna make this a doozy of a thank you. You know, come to think of it, I think I'm gonna have to break this up into two thank yous. That big giveaway that I won will have to be a thank you all by itself.

First off, I got some Wall Talk from a Stacie Vaughn giveaway. I don't have a pic yet, as I'm holding off on putting it up yet, until I figure out what I might do about painting. I chose from their Original Talk collection the saying "Approach love and cooking with reckless abandon". I plan on putting it over the french doors next to the kitchen. I will post about it in the future once I get it up.

I also got in the mail today two bird decals from Lewa's Designs. I posted awhile back about how you could get free decals from them, and mine arrived today. I have their button on my sidebar. They do some more lovely wall art, but while Wall Talk does phrases, Lewa's Designs does things like birds and caterpillars and trees. I love them all! As with the Wall Talk, I'll do more on this later after I put up the decals.

From Razor Family Farms I won a cleaning kit from Simply Neutral cleaning products. The products came with just a small tablespoon or so of cleaning solution in the bottle to keep the weight down. Just add water and viola! You have an all natural cleaning solution that smells very nicely of tea tree and citrus. One of the solutions is for glass, and does a good job of cleaning my dirty, cat-nose-smudged glass french doors. There is also a scrubbing solution that resembles baking soda. Awesome!

Then there was this adorable little peacock pendant, won from papermenagerie. Cute, huh? Check out her Etsy store here.

This lovely pendant by Unoriginal Sinner was won through a giveaway on From Athena's Desk.

And from Northwest Mom Finds (now Evergreen Moms), I got a pack of chocolate goodies that are "good for you", too.

I haven't tried these Tropical Source chocolate chips yet. I'm saving them for the brownies.

Speaking of brownies, here is the brownie mix that I haven't made yet.

There was a box of these organic Brownie Bites by Erin's Bakers. They aren't bad, but the first time I ate them I thought that there was a slightly odd flavor that I couldn't quite place. I looked at the ingredients and saw "Raisin Puree" listed and thought, "Aha! That's what it is!" So they taste like raisin-chocolate brownies. If you like that, then you'll like these. They come individually wrapped.

These little Brownie Bite-lettes were pretty good. They taste very "coconut-y", if you like coconut. I snacked on these for a good couple of weeks.

Well, that's it from the first batch of "thank yous". Whew! Next I will have to do the big giveaway package that arrived this week. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, thanks again to Simply Stacie and Wall Talk, Razor Family Farms and Simply Neutral, Papermenagerie, From Athena's Desk and Unoriginal Sinner, Northwest Mom Finds aka Evergreen Moms, and Lewa's Designs. I love all of my gifts!

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I'm so glad!! Enjoy!

Neas Nuttiness said...

Thank you very more sites I can enter for giveaways!!!

Stacie said...

You are very welcome :)

Thanks for sharing my blog with your readers!!

Neabear said...

Wow you are really reaping in the stuff here. What fun for you!