Sunday, June 21, 2009

New Addition

We have a new addition. Mom's friend found a baby turtle just as he was about to spray some weed killer or something near the lake, and was worried about it. So he took it to Mom. Then Mom couldn't bear to think of what would happen to the little turtle-- it's chances of survival are slim. So she brought it to me.

I already have one small turtle that I found crossing the road last summer and wanted to show it to my boyfriend (she was the smallest turtle I'd ever seen in person). So I kept her temporarily, even buying some turtle food to feed her temporarily, and then gave her to my mother a few days later to release back into the wild again (I found her over by my mother's house). Only she didn't release it. Because she worried about it's chances of surviving in the wild. So a couple of weeks later I bought a house, which meant I could build a pond for a turtle once it got big enough to not be at risk of being dinner for a passing bird or raccoon. So that is how I came to have Eleanor.

And now there's a new one.

They are different types of turtles. I believe Eleanor is a red-eared slider. I'm not sure about this new one.

The new one has a black shell with intricate markings creating small boxes.

Eleanor has a green shell and more open-sized markings.

The new one has black and yellow skin.

Eleanor is green and yellow (and has red stripes on the sides of her head.)

The bottom of the shell of the new turtle is plain, without markings.

Eleanor has markings.

I haven't named the new one yet. I haven't "bonded" with it yet. Maybe this week.

Sunday morning I opened the door to the lanai and found this:

So perhaps there is a certain social aspect to them being together, and maybe they will be good for one another.

Or maybe, as I mentioned to Woodrow, maybe they just view each other as they would view rocks or logs-- just inanimate objects that are good for climbing on.

People! (Mom!) Please quit bringing me turtles! These things get about 10-12 inches in diameter! I will have to make a pond so big, it takes up my whole backyard! No more!


Neas Nuttiness said...

Ooooh - they are soooooooo cute!!!
I want to see the pond when it's done:-)

Floridacracker said...

They are charmers too, so once you have them, it's hard to let go!