Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thankful Thursday (07-02-09 edition)

I decided that I will try to do my "thank you" post once a week. So here comes "Thankful Thursday". I'm slow getting this one up, because it was such a huge giveaway that I won, and I wanted to try to address each item.

This giveaway was won from Audrey's Country Crafts. Unfortunately the original blog that I won the giveaway through is down now, so I can't look up the details on who donated what item. So I'm going to do my best here in acknowledging each vendor/artist/crafter involved in this giveaway, based on business cards and labels on the gifts. Audrey contributed this denim tote.

When I opened the package, I found everything wrapped nicely in tissue paper.

When everything was unwrapped, this is what I wound up with. What a haul!

I believe that this is a Coffee Cozy, and it came by way of Primitive Junkie. It seems that she is on vacation until 7/6/09, so her store is currently empty.

This cute little bow ring is by foxymonster. It came wrapped in a cute little box with a bow. The picture is a little bright, and it's hard to tell it is a ring.

Here is a side shot.

This one came in a cute little nylon bag from Prairie Blossoms.

Once I opened the bag, I found an adorable earring and bracelet set.

From SallieBear came this cute little knit purse.

I got the "Spring Bouquet Goat's Milk Soap" from Happy Goats Soap. It looks like a little duck or chick hatching from an egg. Cute!

This cute little dream pillow was made by geschichtenvonkat. (Wow! That's a mouthful!)

These hair sticks were all on their own, so unfortunately I am unsure who made them.

This wooden necklace was made by Joann Temple of Jodaycraf.

These lovely little nature cards are from KaHolly. She also sent along these little...I'm not sure what you call them. They are little "emblems" that can be stuck on cards or gifts, and they say things like "Happy Birthday", "Get Well" and "Thank You", and have sticky tape on the back for sticking onto things. Cute!

This lovely little hummingbird photo was unidentified. Maybe it came from KaHolly, or it may have come from someone else.

From The Muddy Moose came these lotion bars and lip balms. We've got Sweet Innocence and Clean Cotton lotion, and Juicy Pineapple and Devil's Food Cake lip butter.

Bovine Bubbles & Hogwash contributed Fig & Melon parfum creme, Cinnamon Stix "smelly wax things", and Kiwi Lime Daiquiri Jam. Yum! All of it smells good enough to eat, but I think that I'll just eat the jam!

This Bayberry Mint candle was unfortunately unlabeled. I don't know who made it. It smells great though, and is very strong smelling. This will easily freshen a room. This might be a good one for the litter box room! (Five cats. Remember?)

Heathen's Hearth sent this Blueberry Cobbler Skin Softening Salt Soak. Perfect!

Unfortunately this pottery was broken when I received it.

But this little "zen" sculpture made it through okay. Both items were made by Ray McDonald of Willow Tree Pottery. I couldn't find a link for them.

So thank you to all involved. Everything was wonderful! I really do have a lot to be thankful for!


Pricilla said...

Thank you for the lovely mention on your blog. You sure did win a lot of beautiful items. Congratulations!

Neas Nuttiness said...

You just have to send me more links to all the wonderful places that you enter giveaways at!

Not too shabby a week for me, as far as books go. I'll try to post my winnings at libslibrary tomorrow.

You know what the downside to all this contest entering is?
I haven't left myself much time to read;-)

Audrey said...

Hello! Glad the package arrived safely! Actually my blog is still up, just changed the address:

Doing weekly give aways.

Audrey said...

The hummingbird pic came from:

Audrey said...

The hair sticks came from

the candle is also from bovine bubbles

Neas Nuttiness said...

I've got an idea - why don't you just enter them for me!

I'd really like some aprons, and some candles, and some "bath goodies" and some chocolate, and some scrapbook supplies, and some more books.....ooooooooooooh - I'd really like a pool, and a trip to Ireland, and jewelry (I love jewelry), and how about $$$$$$$$$$$, and a maid and some more books....

Hee-hee, I want it ALL!

Shauna said...

Hope you have a Happy 4th of July weekend! ♥ HUGS ♥

Creative Coquette said...

I'm glad you liked the ring!!

What a great amount of goodies!!!

Thanks for the mention as well :)

Stay foxy!


karen said...

Better late than never!! I've been living under a rock in Atlantic Canada for the summer. You are most welcome for the set of cards. Congratulations on being the winner of this fantastic give-away. I've enjoyed scrolling through your blog while I search for this post. Keep up the good work! -KaHolly