Saturday, August 15, 2009

Coffee and Tunes on a Saturday Night

We hit the coffee bar again tonight, this time for a couple of special performances. So tonight there was a $5 cover, but it was well worth it.

First Tommy performed for about 30 minutes. Tommy's mother-in-law is 102 years old! He is a favorite at the coffee bar. He's the one that Alan wrote a song about a few weeks ago. It was about Tommy the "Song Man". Tonight Tommy actually performed a great little ditty he wrote about the coffee bar...

You'll note that he had Kevin playing bongos tonight.

After he did a few songs, he called up George to play a little with him. George is an unbelievable guitarist. They play together unrehearsed. Tommy will start a song (sometimes a song that young George is totally unfamiliar with), and George will watch Tommy's fingers and pick up the song. Then Tommy will give him the nod at some point for a guitar solo, and George will blow us all away.

After a couple of songs with George, Tommy called up Alan and his daughter Megan to do a little "sing-around".

Then George let loose with some more jams.

Then it was time for the Bradford Family, and Alan performed with his son Justin and daughter Megan, and Kevin remained on percussion. Megan is a voice major in college. They started out with their rendition of "I Wanna Hold Your Hand", and then moved on to Seger's "Turn the Page"...

They performed for awhile, and eventually brought up Omar on violin. Omar is also a music major, and very talented (and very young and cute and sweet and humble).

Then they did a really lovely rendition of "You Lift Me Up" (commonly done by Josh Grobin, but according to Alan it was written by Bob Dylan, which I had no idea of!)

It was a really nice night of music and toffee coffee, and Alan has a really talented family.