Saturday, August 1, 2009

Now let's hear some jams...

Mom and I went to the coffee bar again tonight, and this time I got a little video. This new kid sang and played guitar, and then he broke out the harmonica, too, and he sang what sounded almost like bluegrass or something. (Pardon the poor sound quality.)

Then Alan and his daughter (Megan, I think her name is) and Omar got up. Alan is a regular. He plays his guitar "upside-down", as he strums with his left instead of his right. Tonight was the first time I've heard his daughter sing, and they brought up this guy Omar to play violin. They did the song "To Make You Feel My Love" (originally done by Garth Brooks). It was really beautiful, and I wish I could properly catch it on my camera video.

It was just Mom and me this time, and we didn't stay as long as usual. But I'm glad that we got to see Alan and his daughter, and Omar was really a beautiful violinist.