Thursday, December 31, 2009

And then there were two...

The other day I mentioned this guy- "The Interloper". I just call him Trouble for short. He used to like to come around and start trouble by growling and yowling at my cats when they were on the lanai. He's settled down now, and doesn't start so much trouble anymore. Just sort of stops by, and finds a cozy spot for a nap in the front or backyard.

Today I was opening the blinds to the french doors when I heard Simon growl. I've never heard Simon growl before! So I looked to see what had him upset, and looked up just in time to see an orange and white butt walk by. Well, where in the heck did that come from? I went outside and found this...
Great. Now there's two of them to start trouble! Now you see why I don't go looking for animals? They always find me. One of these days a dog is going to wander into my life the same way that these cats always do. Or my yard. The only spot that I've found that might be big enough to let these guys in is behind where the trash cans are stored. There's a bit of a gap under the fence there.

Trouble 1
+ Trouble 2
That's "Animal Math"! And there's no other solution it equates to!

(NOTE: You have no idea how many minutes I spent trying to figure out how I would do "squared" on a computer keyboard! But I figured it out! NumLock + ALT +253 = ²!)