Monday, December 28, 2009


The other morning I looked up to see three of my cats transfixed with something beyond the french doors. I looked up and saw the neighborhood cat sitting at my screen door. He used to come around and sit outside the screened room and growl and hiss and cause all kinds of trouble with my cats. Now he tends to be more relaxed, and I even catch him laying around my front yard.

A couple of days later I looked out back to see him sauntering up to the door again. He laid down and yawned and just hung out there for a bit.
I am trying to keep an eye on him. I worry with all of the foreclosures around here that his "owners" could have moved away and left him behind. So I have to determine whether I need to start putting out food and water for him, and let him be a backyard stray. We'll see how he does. His coat is looking a little dull, but he still has some weight on him.

As long as he behaves himself and doesn't cause problems!