Sunday, December 13, 2009

Saturday Night at Bette Boop's

Last Saturday we were invited to attend a party at my Aunt Bette's house in Sarasota (Florida, for those not familiar with the city). Bette was throwing a little get-together at her place, complete with live music, and planning on holding it in her beautiful backyard. Unfortunately Mother Nature had other plans, and after two days of rain followed by dropping temperatures, the party was forced to be moved indoors. But I did get a video of her backyard and all of the hard work she has put into it.

Isn't that gorgeous?! Bette did that all herself!

After checking out the backyard, we settled inside the house to listen to Bette and her band perform. One of the first songs they did was one of my favorites: Me and Bobby McGee. Sorry, but you can hear me singing in the background at times. I just can't help myself whenever that song comes on!

And here's another of my favorite songs: Come To My Window

After a time, my uncle George got up to play guitar with them.

I think Bette tried to distract him at one point!

The girls loved dancing!

Kathy really made the party! She was up and moving all of the time. She has more energy in one night than I have in an entire week!

At one point, this woman (I never met her, so I don't know her name) got up to sing a song.

The band performed some Bon Jovi...

During the night, there was a group out under the carport. They had their own little percussion group, with rattles and such while the performances were going on. On one of the final songs before I left, a woman began playing percussion through the window.

It was great! I also got a few photos. There's one of Karen, George and Mom...

...and one of Mom and Karen.

This is a better shot of the gazebo that Bette built out back...

And these are shots of some of the artwork that Bette has done...

Is she talented, or what?

We all had a really good time. I hope that we get a chance some other time to enjoy Bette's backyard. My yard could use Bette's midas touch!