Saturday, January 9, 2010

Urban Myth: Florida is always warm and balmy...

We're freezing down here! Literally! We were at freezing last night, and tonight we are expected to get around 29. And I am in south Florida, near the Everglades. The rest of Florida is even colder. There are reports of snow flurries around Orlando, frozen ponds in mid to north Florida. It's cold!

I've already had my chenille plant hit by the freeze...
It's the one plant that got hit by the freeze last year, too. Something about that spot makes it vulnerable. But it came back after it was frozen last year, and it will probably come back again this year.

But the poor animals. We went to go out to breakfast this morning, and Trouble (the stray cat) ran off from the front bed where he'd apparently been hiding, looking for a dry, warm spot. I've been worried about him. So I put the dog carrier out back with rugs and towels in it, and covered it with an old sheet.
If he comes around the backyard as he likes to do, maybe he'll take shelter in it.

And I put a small carrier in the front entrance with a towel over it, and left the screen door open.
So he's got a spot out front, too. We'll see whether he uses either, but at least I tried. It is just miserable outside.

Folks: Please bring those animals in. It is way too cold out to responsibly and compassionately leave your animals outside. Even down here in "balmy" Florida.


marilyne said...

Amen, Heather. Every person needs
to do their part for the animals. I
went out and bought some blankets at
a thrift shop to have extra blankets for the strays around me. I even put
a warm blanket in a neighbor's dog
house (Not my neighbor, but someone
in NFM, not too far from me). I wonder if they wondered who put the blanket in the doghouse or did they even notice? That's even worse...
~ redhairmama

Neabear said...

I heard from my daughter-in-law who lives in Fort Myers that it was quite cold there. Must be strange for the people who escape the cold to live there during the winter.

Susan said...

Hey! It IS cold here and you should go over to my blog as I took pictures of the actual snow we got here in central florida!!! It's supposed to warm up soon though.