Sunday, May 16, 2010

Case Reunion 2010

Today was our annual Case reunion, and this year we held it at Bette's house. I made my Better Than Sex Cake, and I made up a fresh fruit platter with Brown Sugar Fruit Dip (see the recipe on Homemakers Who Work).

Pretty, huh?

There weren't too many options for a vegetarian/pescatarian, but I had a nice light lunch. I loved the dip/sauce that I drizzled on my crackers. I don't know what it was, nor who brought it.
And, of course, I had some cake and fruit!

After eating, I moseyed on outside to enjoy the music and good company. We setup an umbrella to sit under. Even Snoop took a break from his regular adventures to enjoy the day.

Karen and George brought their dog Riley. Isn't she cute?

And some of the cousins showed up with their kids.

(Don't you just love Bette's backyard?)

Much of the family gathered in the gazebo for karaoke. Dave sang a few songs...

(Sorry about my singing. I forget how loud I can sound when I am so close to the camera.)

Bette sang a little Bonnie Raitt (love her!)...

Tommy decided that Bette should sing "Bette Davis Eyes", but Bette didn't really know the words. So she stumbled her way through it a little...

And Bette even got Karen up to do a duet with her...
(I'll try to get this up later. My link isn't working properly.)

We had a few rainstorms off and on throughout the day.

My umbrella did nicely to keep me mostly dry.

George even sang a few songs, which I don't think I've ever heard before. I thought that this song was a good choice for his voice.

It was great seeing everyone! Even Uncle Tommy showed up, whom I haven't seen in many years. Loved seeing you all! See you next time!


Gillian said...

good day!!!

as MY mother would say...better late than never.

I've found my address book along with it...your package! will be popping it into the mail this week...sorry so long...!

an entire backpack went missing after our trip...long weekend garage cleanup yielded it! finally :)

you're OWOH prize will make it there soon. it travelled many a mile. xo

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

The dog is so cute!! Thanks for stopping by and entering the contest at my blog!