Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Raw Foods with Chef Brooke

Tonight I had another class at Chef Brooke's Natural Cafe. Tonight it wasn't exactly a "cooking" class, as tonight's theme was "raw food"! Brooke's has such a great selection of food every week. On her boards, she lists the regular daily choices, which include raw specials and juice drinks.
She will also show daily specials on her chalk board. Tonight it was filled with items that you could order to take home after class...

I ordered the Black Beans and Basmati Rice, Garbanzo Gypsy Stew (both of which I've had before and loved), and Sweet Potato Chowder with Dumplings. That will be lunch/dinner over the next couple of days. Yum!

The class wound up being around 18 people again, which was the same size as the last class I attended.

Brooke showed us several techniques for raw preparation, discussed dehydration and sprouting, "live" foods, different flavors, herbs, spices and vinegars. What we wound up with was this...

We had raw tabbouleh, which was very flavorful. It was made with raw soaked quinoa instead of cooked. I liked this better than the tabbouleh I've bought in the store made with cooked wheat bulgur.

The cucumbers were amazingly good, and oh so simple. Just sliced cucumbers, vinegar and dill. And maybe a little Agave nectar. That's it. Really good, and I'm not a big fan of cucumbers!

This was a raw alfredo sauce over spiral cut butternut squash. Tasty!

Dessert were these little berry patties, made of strawberries, balsamic vinegar, coconut, and nuts. Very nice and refreshing!
This mushroom pate was good and very simple, and included umeboshi plums and seaweed.

The mushroom pate was served on this onion "bread", which was made in a dehydrator rather than an oven, and was like a thin crisp cracker. This was my favorite! Oh so good! Now I need to buy a dehydrator!
Everything was so good! This was even better than the first class, the food even tastier and more inspiring. Brooke shared with us her mother's experience with eating raw for the last 5 months (going from a size 16 to a size 8, and eliminating health issues like clogged arteries). This is some good stuff, and I'm feeling inspired! Thanks so much, Brooke!