Sunday, November 28, 2010

Zucchini: Day Eight Progress Report

Well, given that Zucchini Joseph von Pickle Bottom is the greatest puppy ever, everything is going great with him. And given his "unusual" name and my recent good humor, I am considering having a shirt made for him... 

 Zuchi is doing great. We're still working on the housebreaking, but he's doing pretty well with it. He is surprisingly obedient and well-behaved for such a young guy. I finally heard him bark once the other day. I think he was barking at a toy.

Yesterday he discovered the cats toy box, and promptly began emptying it. He would get a toy out of it, carry it to the dining rug, play with it for a minute, then head back to the toy box and get another toy, carry it to the dining rug, play with it for a minute, and this continued on and on ad nauseum.

Strangely enough instead of the dog upsetting the household of five cats, it almost seems to have improved things. Firstly the toys laying around (particularly the tennis balls) has the cats playing more than before. Secondly I think that maybe it has given the cats something else to focus on other than poor Shotsie. So things are better for Shotsie. And Shotsie grew up with a dog, so she is doing pretty well with the pup.

Here are a few random shots showing how cute my boy is...

And here is the cutest boy in the world in bed at night. This is after his initial outburst, in which he deliriously jumps all over Woodrow, licking his face and ears.

Eat your heart out world. He's all mine!