Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Zucchini: 3+ week Progress Report

Well, Zook has now been with me for over 3 weeks, and things are going great. He's still the greatest pup I could have asked for.

The weather has gotten chilly here, and tonight we are expected to hit freezing for the second night in a row. Very unusual for South Florida! Little Zucchi doesn't like the cold too much. So I have him wear warm clothes to kep him warm and prevent him from shivering...


Zook loves a heater! If there is one running, that is where you will find Zook...


Speaking of heater, the other day I found him sitting in front of the heater in my office. Then the heater shut off, and he sat and just stared at the temp knob that I use to get the heat to come back on. I finally reached down and turned it back on for him.

He and my cat Shotsie are forging something of a friendship. Shotsie doesn't like any of the other cats, but she seems to kinda like Zook. She was raised with a small dog and no cats for the first two years of her life, so it's what she's comfortable with.

I'm curious how close they may get. What really surprises me is Momma. She is even coming to be comfortable with the pup, and will get close to him. However she is my most timid cat and afraid of everything.

The other day I got some pictures of Zucchi dressed up for Christmas, and used some of the images for my Christmas card.

(He looks snarling and mean here, but really he was just eating a carrot.)

Totally off subject, but the other day I took him out at work, and I found that the rain had stirred up some frogs. I just thought that this guy looked pretty cool...

Back to the subject at hand...

Zook is funny and adorable and he makes me laugh every day.

He is also very sweet, and loves to be close by if you'll let him be.

This weekend we took him to the dog park, and he had a blast playing in the large dog pen! (There wasn't anything going on in the small dog pen, so we decided to live dangerously and take him into the big dog pen.)

This bassett hound was great. His name was Jughead. I loved him!

Then a guy showed up with his two great danes, Finnegan and Fiona. Finnegan was 183 pounds!

Just a little perspective of their size!

Yet both he and Fiona were gentle giants. They loved Zucchi, and all of the other dogs!

All of the dogs sort of gravitated to the Great Danes. Zook was fascinated by them, but also wary of them.

We had a good day, and Zook was tuckered out for the rest of the night.

I did make a trip to the pet store recently, and they had a nutritionist there who spotted Zook's pink feet and asked whether he chews his feet a lot. I confirmed that he does, and she said that this is caused by corn, wheat, chicken and beef. She suggested he go on Nutra's Lamb and Rice puppy food. I agreed to give it a try, and that's what he's been eating. Right now it is mixed with his regular food, so he is still getting the things he's not supposed to be eating, but getting less of it. Eventually we'll try him on the straight Lamb and Rice dinner, and we'll see how he does.

This week I've been mixing grated zucchini into his dinner along with a little canned lamb and rice and his dry lamb and rice. He loves zucchini!

He also loves carrots and raw green beans! Here is him eating a carrot coin...

Last night he got a bath. He didn't care for it, but he did pretty well.

Afterward we setup his bed in front of the heater, which I've stated before that he loves.

He really does try to be a good boy and do whatever it is that will make you happy. Here is a video of him after his bath...

Cute, huh? He's also putting on weight. If my scale is right. He was 9 pounds a couple of weeks ago, and is now about 10.5 pounds. He has his first vet appointment this weekend. So we'll find out for sure then.