Tuesday, January 4, 2011

House Update

Whew! Am I exhausted. I've been working on small projects around the house, and it's tough when you've worked all day already. First, last week I painted a mailbox that I intended to hang inside by the front door. It started out as a plain ole black mailbox, and I painted it a satin color, and then decorated it with flowers and such to make something of a hippie mailbox.

It gives me a place to stick bills and such when I walk in the door with the mail.

I also hung up a coat rack.

And I finally have a place for all of my mugs. This spot under the cabinet came with a cheap paper towel holder screwed in under it when I bought the house. The thing never worked, as it was hung upside down, so the paper towels were always falling off. So I removed the paper towel dispenser and put up some mug hooks, and viola!

Yay! I also put a bracket up in the laundry room for holding my step ladder. Nice to have THAT out of the way!

Tonight I hung up a couple of signs that I got for Christmas...

Tonight I also assembled one of my bookcases. First I had to clear a corner of the "library" (at least it will be my library/office when I finish with it.)

During the installation, I found that one of the steps required a lot more room than I had in the room I was in. Shoot! So I had to try and prop up an edge of the bookcase to allow me to have the extra room up to the ceiling to maneuver the piece into place, and in the process broke one of the safety locks. So one corner of the top of the bookcase doesn't fit properly.

Oh well. At least it's the corner of the bookcase that fits into the corner of the room, so you can't even see the problem. And now that I know about the issue, I can plan ahead for next bookcase still waiting to be assembled.

And in my bedroom I hung up an invisible bookshelf that I bought myself for Christmas.

Cool, huh? This is my stack of books to read next, and it is now located next to me in bed.

I may have to buy more of those things! Very cool!

I also organized my DVD collection. Whew!

And I got an over-the-door rack for hanging my robe and purse and such...

So those are the little improvements that I've made around the house in the last few days. Hmmm. Now maybe I should take a few minutes to set my alarm clock, as it has been blinking for a week or two now.