Thursday, February 24, 2011

Benny and Zook

Another day at the dog park, and it was exhausting for both of us! Zook arrived to find a little dog (looking a bit like a pekingese) barking and snarling ferociously at any dog that got near her. We learned she was a rescue that had belonged to an elderly woman, and it was presumed that the dog never got out and was never socialized. So Roxie (the pekingese) feared all of these dogs may harm her, and therefore acted aggressively offensive.

A gentleman arrived with his English Staffordshire Terrier (I think I have that right) by the name of Benny. Roxie went nuts over this larger dog, and the owner of Benny told Roxie's owner to let Roxie go: "Don't worry. She can't hurt my dog!" So she let Roxie go, and Roxie tore after poor Benny, and Benny ran around with Roxie nipping at his rear. And almost as quickly as it began, it was over. Once Roxie realized that these dogs were no threat to her, she settled down with just the occasional snarl or nip, and the other dogs all realized Roxie was no threat to them. So it was time for the dogs to get down to some serious playing...

For some reason, most dogs are really taken with Zook, just as people are. And this big, muscle-bound terrier Benny became especially enamored with Zook. He wouldn't leave Zook's side.

Eventually Benny was simply pinning Zook to the ground, the two of them running around and around my feet, between my legs, Zook pinned down again, on and on and on...

The two of them were so funny together! At one point, I tried to give Zook a break by putting him in the chair next to me, but right after I did Benny jumped up in the chair with him, laid down, and Zook climbed on top of him! You couldn't keep these two apart!

So everyone had a good time, and after an hour of play we made a trip to the pet store (Zook's third favorite place, the dog park being #1 and Mom's being #2) before heading home.

Who's the best puppy in the whole wide world?

You are!