Sunday, February 6, 2011

Exploring ArtFest 2011

It's that time of year once again, and yesterday we headed to the annual ArtFest Fort Myers. This year I took Zook with me, interested to see how he would handle the large crowd. He normally turns all "wiggly butt" with every person he sees, and I wondered what he would do when he sees thousands of people! So this artfest was a little different for me. I didn't get to lose myself in the art as I usually do, as I was constantly managing Zook and keeping him from getting under feet.

The show I would guess was probably at least as big as it usually is, maybe even bigger. I think there were about 200 artists present. And thousands of patrons walking the sidewalks!

Some of my usual favorites were there, like Albin Arts and others. But I discovered some new favorites as well.

One of my favorites yesterday was Jennifer Fraser of Endless Places Photography. She has a special technique whereby she layers photos in a way that it gives a "painted" quality.

These don't even give you a real feel for the finished work, as she then takes these photos and mounts them on a painted frame that really ties into the photo and the color scheme. Take a look at her flash site to see some mounted works. I was really taken with her work.

I also liked Todd Shaak Photography. There was something honest and refreshing and...brash and abrasive about his work. Sort of like the "Southern Rock" of the photographic world.

And then there was Paul Marcellini Fine Art Photography.

I almost bought this one. I liked the colors and simplicity of it...
And we loved the acrylic works of the Michael George Gallery.

And I absolutely loved, loved, loved the work of Nathalie Torres!

I love the way that the hammock extends out from the painting...

...and the 3D aspect. It feels as if those are real feet sticking out from that hammock!

Look at the pregnant lady, and the little babe nestled in the hammock. That's the artist to the left...

Love it! So clever and so beautiful! I only wish I had the money and the wall space for a piece of her work.

At the end of the show, they had some high school students and the like creating sidewalk chalk drawings.

I gather the above one would be kids representing the Cape Coral Seahawks.

So every year I try to buy a little "sumpin sumpin" at the art show. What to do this year? I wound up going with one of last year's favorites, Scanlan, and I chose to go with this one...

Isn't it gorgeous? The simplicity. I told Woodrow that I love the "flatness" of it. It almost appears that the trees are painted on the building. I love the colors, soft and muted, and almost drab appearance. You wonder if someone is about to walk out that door. And what does that door enter into? Is it a house? A convent or monastery? A winery? Absolutely stunning! Now I just need to get it framed and pick a place to hang it.

So it was a good day at the art show, and afterward I headed to Mom's to see Tommy's new toy...

Isn't she pretty? And, of course, Zook and Katy had some fun time together, and we just couldn't get them to stop. Even after going inside, they kept at it.

So it was a good day, but an exhausting one. Next weekend is the Matlacha art show, where I bought my St. Bernard pastel last year.

Zook did very well. He loved seeing all of the people, but was very good on the leash. And people are soooo drawn to him. There is just something about him and his face that grabs you. They really ought to try to duplicate him and make it a new breed! However I do now understand the merits of having one of those little doggie strollers. It would have been so much easier to just push around a stroller with my bags and water and everything secured on it, than to manage a wiggling and excited puppy amid a crowd of thousands, and a camera and a purse and flyers and maps, etc. Oh, and ice cream. Don't forget the ice cream! Yum!

So we have another year to wait until the next ArtFest. *sigh* I'll be okay. Really I will...


Marianne@RuffHaven said...

ack ! I was there ! I was there last year too....
AND I am going to Matlacha too....
I love SW FL this time of year