Sunday, May 1, 2011

The closing of Nita's Sweet Bean Cafe

I have written over the years of the great local music to be found at Nita's Sweet Bean Cafe. Well, I'm sad to say that last night Nita's closed its doors and will be sorely missed. I got a few of the highlights on video before my camera batteries got weak.

First there is this strings player. I don't know his name, but he is quite good and I believe he is a music student. This was his solo...

Then Nita's husband Dan took a moment to express his heartfelt thanks (which had tears streaming down my face)...

Then a group of the regulars gathered around Tommy Powell for one last time at Nita's of "Let the Circle Be Unbroken"...

...and then the same group sang Tommy's song "Nita's Sweet Bean Cafe", a coffee bar favorite, one last time.

While we are sad to see it end, we are hopeful that we will get some measure of the same experience with Nita's Music Connection, Nita's new endeavor to give local musicians of varying degrees of talent a platform on which to share their love of music at venues like The French Connection and The 3 Fishermen. See their calendar for dates.

So, Nita and Dan: We love you and we'll miss the Sweet Bean, and we are so grateful to you for your love and passion for local musicians. You've brought joy and music to the life of an audio-based southern girl, and I'll never forget you for it!