Thursday, January 1, 2009

My 2009 Life Plan

I'm not really much for "resolutions". They usually are just a whim and soon forgotten. Instead I believe in changing your lifestyle, creating the person that you want to be. I believe in "imaging" things into existence. "Fake it 'til you make it", so to speak. Make conscious decisions to guide your life where you want and to become the person that you can be proud to be.

That being said, here are my "goals" for 2009:

  • Health...Commit to eating more healthfully. Increase my vegetarian eating, and cut back on the junk food and sweets. For exercise, my goal is to ride my bike to work at least once a week, and take at least one leisure bike ride a week (I hope to do more when the days are longer again. Right now it is usually dark before I get home during the week, so leisurely bike rides are tough to squeeze in).

  • Business...Work towards being able to work for myself. A lot of this will rely on my learning a lot of things.

  • Learning...This year I want to learn HTML more fully, and start learning CSS. Learn more about website administration. I hope to find time to learn about photo editing and graphics. Learn about gardening,

  • Reading...Aside from the books that I need to read in order to learn the skills that I am trying to teach myself, I would like to read more in general. I've become so bound to technology that I've fallen away from simple pleasures like reading. I also hope to read the bible more, and to read the book I bought regarding drawing closer to God over 30 days.

  • Connect with nature...Get out more. Bike ride, camp, hike, kayak, garden-- whatever. Just get outside!

  • House...Get unpacked and settled in to my new house. Get organized. Get the yard cleaned up and weeded. Put my books and papers away and clean up after myself more. Have a garage sale and get rid of stuff. Throw away the old stuff on the lanai that came with the house.

  • Self-sufficiency...Work more towards being more self-sufficient. Learn to grow vegetables, work on preserving foods, cook more utilizing foods from my own garden. Take classes at Home Depot and the like to learn basic plumbing and home repairs. Learn more about computers and technology so that I am less reliant on others to fix my problems when I encounter them.

  • Buy local...Make regular trips to farmer's markets and flea markets.

  • Eat seasonally...Learn to eat what is in season locally. Even when buying produce, I want to learn to buy what is in season locally instead of eating what is shipped in hundreds or thousands of miles.

  • Personality and character...Work on being more patient with others. Slow down. Watch the sharpness of my tone when I am stressed.

  • Give back...Try to find some volunteer work to do. If I don't know what to volunteer doing, due to having so many varied interests, then mix it up and volunteer one place one time and somewhere else next.

  • Peace...Learn to quiet myself inside. My mind is always going a mile-a-minute. I need constant external stimulation. I need to learn to find quiet moments, and to enjoy the solitude in the silence.

  • Finances...Save, save, save! Quit spending, be more frugal. Shop at places like Goodwill and Habitat for Humanity. Use Freecycle.

Above all, live consciously! Be aware of what I am doing and why. CHOOSE to do things, don't just live on auto-pilot. Live life with purpose, and live it well.