Friday, February 6, 2009

Advertising in TV Shows

OK. Again, I know that I want this blog to be about the positive things in my life, but getting things off your chest is a good thing. Right?

Begin rant

It is disgusting the way that advertising has infiltrated everything. I am getting so sick and tired of the advertising that occurs in the middle of normal TV now. The product placement is everywhere. And it is getting more blatant.

Last night I'm watching one of my favorite TV shows "Bones". Bones is driving to meet Booth. So, of course, the camera pans back to show this beautiful and glistening periwinkle blue car that she is driving down the street. Then as she is having some inane conversation with him about how the GPS in her car is better than his GPS watch, they flip to a scene inside the car that shows the car emblem on the steering wheel and then pan over to show the onboard GPS system in it.

Give me a break! Do they not realize how they are taking away from my enjoyment by distracting me with ads? They take me out of the storyline and try to cram products down my throat. I'm really getting sick of it. It's enough to make me think of not watching TV anymore-- and I LOVE TV!

End rant