Saturday, February 7, 2009

Taste of Pine Island 2009

A couple of weekends ago (January 25th) we went to the annual Taste of Pine Island. Pine Island, Bokeelia and Matlacha are some of our favorite places to visit. Quaint little fishing towns that attract quirky artists and plant nurseries.

The festival wound up being a collection of vendor (arts and crafts and food) booths and live music. One of Matlacha's colorful artists was there with her coconuts on display!
LoveGrove coconuts

She paints colorful messages on coconuts, and they can then slap a label on them and stick them in the mail to send them around the country just as they are.

This little dog had it made, sitting in a cushy hideaway while someone wheels you around and feeds you goodies. I want his life!
Dog in a sack

While Woodrow waited in line for food, I spotted this "Flavor Station" for the Sno-Cone vendor, but the only ones using the Flavor Station were the bees.
Bee Flavor Station

The bees LOVED it!
Bees dispensor


While I watched the bees, Woodrow returned with the mini donuts that he'd bought.
Mini donuts

In the meantime, the Sno-Cone vendor gave up and took down the Flavor Station, and posted a sign about "killer bees".
Killer Bees

This freaked out a couple of little kids that were nearby, as they believed that these were really killer bees!

Before we left the festival, Woodrow bought me a Butterfly hairclip that I really love, and have been wearing a lot now.

I'd love to get more of them. I told him it's one of the best gifts he's ever gotten me.

After we left the festival, we headed back to the car. As we walked through a church parking lot, I spotted something odd. Upon closer investigation, I realized that it was a skeleton!
Coon skeleton

I looked around for more evidence, and spotted the fur and jaw bone about 10 feet away.
Coon fur

Raccoon. It looks as if my beloved vultures picked it clean. Nature's little garbage men.

When we went to leave, I could either take a long drive through a field to get back to the dirt road to get out, or I could drive down into a ditch and up a small hill to cut through the church parking lot to get out. If I still drove my Buick, I'd have second thoughts about this. However I drive a Jeep, baby! Woodrow doubted my decision to cut through the parking lot. I told him, "Hey, this is a Jeep! This is what it's made for, and why I got it." Vroooom! Down the ditch, up the hill, through the parking lot. Smooth as pie. I love my Jeep!

On the drive home, we passed many osprey.

They are really prevalent around Pine Island.

Woodrow got this nice shot of a sailboat as we crossed the Matlacha bridge.

We got into Matlacha, where they have the greatest old buildings.
Store on Matlacha

Remember the coconuts at the beginning of this story? Well this is the LoveGrove gallery, where those are painted.

LoveGrove Gallery

This is one of our favorite buildings.

We always love our trips to Matlacha and the little islands. It was a pretty good day.