Monday, February 9, 2009

Chicken Tostadas

Tonight I was looking for a way to use up some "Mexican-makings". In the last few days, we've had Bean and Cheese Burritos that Woodrow made for me (I think it's the only thing he's ever really cooked for me) and then Bean and Cheese Burritos that I made, and Beef Tacos. So I decided to try to make a sort of Chicken Tostada. I didn't really have a recipe, but it went something like this...

Chicken Tostadas

  1. First I fried up some small flour tortillas in a little vegetable oil, and put them on paper towels to drain. Then I stored them in foil while I did the rest of the meal.
    Chicken tortillas

  2. Next I cooled the pan down a little, and then tossed in a package of pre-cooked grilled chicken. I sprinkled some cumin and garlic salt over the chicken, and then squirted some lime juice over the chicken, and sauteed it.

  3. I heated up some leftover refried beans that had been mixed with chili powder, cumin, garlic powder and oregano a couple of days ago. I heated that up in the microwave.

  4. Then I took the fried tortillas, and spread the refried beans across them.

  5. Next sprinkle some Mexican cheese (four-cheese blend) across the beans.

  6. Top this with some of the chicken.

  7. Top the tostada with shredded lettuce, sour cream, chopped cilantro and scallions, or whatever toppings you desire. I also used Pace picante, but would have preferred some real fresh salsa instead.

Finished close-up

Woodrow decided that this recipe was a keeper!

2 comments: said...

Oh yum!

Thank you for the sweet comment! I sincerely hope that you can find such a wonderful guy! Things have not always been perfect but we always seem to make it through feeling closer and more deeply connected. I feel very blessed.

I really like your blog!!!


Tinker said...

These sound (and look :) delicious!
Sorry I missed your giveaway - thanks for entering mine. Nice meeting you on the OWOH caravan!