Thursday, May 28, 2009

Shall I Just Pay You in Blood?

Well, the A/C is back up and running. Yeah! And it was all due to a tiny little time delay that was smaller than a deck of cards. I saw that and thought, "Whew! What a relief! Just a tiny little part! I might get out of this with my skin after all!" Then he showed me the bill. $330 for that tiny part and ten minutes worth of work! And that's without the service call fee, which was waived due to a coupon that I presented. What?!! $330 for THAT?

But, hey, I'm back up and chillin' in Florida's hot weather, with 90 degree temps on the way. So I'm not complainin'. Really. I'm not! Just look at my label on this story. It's "Happy Things". See? That proves it! I'm not complainin'!


Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

LOL I know exactly what you mean. Whilst we are going into winter over on the other side of the world in Australia, we have weather similar to Florida, very hot and humid in Brisbane. Air con is a very necessary evil.

Neas Nuttiness said...

Me - I'm gonna do a happy dance, when they come and fix my ice maker. Thank goodness, the husband bought the extended warranty!

Glad that you're chill'n!

Floridacracker said...

Ouch! At least you are keeping your cool.

Neas Nuttiness said...

Have at it girl. The 6 most important things, has been around for a long time. I don't know who started it...maybe you can do some research on it.
And where the heck did you win all the books from...are there sites that I've missed?
AND - when in the heck are you gonna read them all?
Have you ever read any books by Adriana Trigiani - I love her writing! I want her cookbook sooooo bad!

Neabear said...

Yay! Another thing fixed. Don't you hate the bill though?