Sunday, September 6, 2009


WARNING: This post is not for more sensitive readers. Some vulgarity follows...

I used to own two ferrets. I adored them (they are the epitome of joy and reckless abandon!), and therefore had the usual pet paraphernalia that pet lovers are wont to acquire. This includes my mug.

See, ferrets have a bit of a foot fetish. They love feet and socks! Don't ask me why!

So I was washing out my mug today, and I had a flashback. It was during my first few months at my current job. I went to lunch, and had left my mug sitting on my desk. When I returned from lunch, I sat down at my desk, and at some point I looked over and realized that "someone" (two of my male co-workers) had replaced the "S" in "Sieze the sock!" with a "C":


It was a riot! That was the beginning of a string of practical jokes that occurred in our office over the years-- and it was a good one!


redhairmama said...

OH!OH! Watch out for the Sexual
Discrimination Cops! They are
everywhere, but hide...
You better hide your cup as it's

Listen to your mom.