Friday, September 4, 2009

Something you may not know about me...

I have a bad habit of getting involved with guys that I work with.
  • First there was the boyfriend that was the assistant manager where I worked when I was 17. That lasted about a year.

  • Next there was the guy that I married (who initially worked at the same place as the first boyfriend and me, but then left. So we actually didn't date while working together. So he only "sorta" counts into the equation!) That lasted about 10 years.

  • Then after my divorce, there was the Sales Director at my work. That lasted several years.

  • Then next I began dating Woodrow who worked at my current place of employment (I still work there, but he no longer does). We've been good friends now for over five years.
I've gained enough of a reputation now that when I showed up at a family reunion with Woodrow a number of years ago, my uncle wryly remarked, "Let me guess. You met him at work?"

But, hey, when you are as introverted and anti-social as I am, where else are you going to meet guys? However: New rule! No more guys from work! It is WAAYYYY too complicated and tricky!

Places to avoid men:
  • Therapy or rehab (I'm not in either, but it needs to be said, ladies. We women tend towards wanting to "save" men from themselves. While it's good if a man is in therapy to try to better himself, tread carefully. It's best if you stay away until a good year or so after he's finished with therapy/rehab!)
  • Bars (coffee bars are okay!)
  • Work
So it's time to set a new predictable pattern with men. What shall it be next? Men that I meet in coffee bars? Men that I meet doing charity work? Men that I meet while out hiking and kayaking?

So what are some other places that women should avoid meeting the "man of her dreams"? Where are some good places?


Neas Nuttiness said...

Church maybe? For a good place to meet.