Friday, September 4, 2009

Spiders love me and my house

We all know just how much I love spiders, and how taking pics of them is sort of therapeutic in helping me face my fears. So here's my spider update.

For the last week or so, this guy has taken up residence in my entrance.

He's been coming out at night over the screen door. Then a few days ago he moved to the upper corner over the door. Now this morning I found him right next to the door when I left this morn.


And this morning I, with my animalistic alertness, noticed that there was something in the hinge area of the front door. I took a closer look and spotted this.

That would appear to be another brown widow. This unfortunate one seems to have run in the door as it was closing and got squished. Poor 'ole guy/gal. Glad it didn't get inside though. I'll leave them alone outside, but if they get inside I will have to try to get them to go out or be forced to kill them. Too risky letting brown widows stay inside.

The real bad one right now is the big spider that camps out on the walkway at night. I think it is hunting the insects attracted by the outside lights.

Okay. I'm done. Therapy time is up. I feel better now.