Sunday, November 21, 2010

Introducing Smeagol

We've got a new addition to the ZooCrew. Smeagol joined our family yesterday quite unexpectedly. We just fell in love with him when we saw him at the pet store yesterday. A local rescue shows their animals there.

For those unfamiliar with  "Smeagol", he is a character from the Lord of the Rings trilogy (seen above).

Okay, so he doesn't really look like Smeagol. He's actually quite cute...

He was listed as a chihuahua, but I think he is more likely a rat terrier/chihuahua mix. I never expected to get a dog like this. 

First of all, I wanted a medium-sized dog of 40-60 pounds. Secondly I wanted an older dog of over the age of 4. And I was planning on a female. But when we went to the store yesterday, he stole my heart the second that I saw him. He has a pretty calm temperament, simply wanting to be next to you and make you happy. I think he will be very trainable, but right now we are struggling with the whole housetraining-thing. That's always fun!

If you are confused over the difference between the two Smeagols, here is some video to help you tell them apart. This is our Smeagol*...

And this is Smeagol from Lord of the Rings...

Got it?

*"Smeagol's" name was JoJo when he came to us. So in the video I am calling him Joey. However as my nephew's name is Joey, we thought it best to change his name. So now he is Smeagol. Isn't he lucky?