Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The End of an Era...well, a moment at least

No more Katy. Tonight she is home with Mom. We had a nice final day together though.

You know, Katy would have been a great service dog, if she had been given a different start in life. Her early abuse and neglect has created a dog full of anxieties, so she would not now be suitable for the position. But she is so obedient and smart and eager to please.

Whenever we go somewhere, it is her job to carry her toy. That is the one thing that I expect of her, while I am lugging everything else inside! This is how it goes...

She's such a good girl! And today she got to meet a local news reporter and cameraman! We've been having some trouble at work with recyclable pickup (or lack thereof). I got sick of hearing the boss and office girl sounding like helpless victims, so I took it upon myself to email a few local news stations and the local news paper. I told them of our issue and asked whether or not they were interested. You can even see in the video above that I have bottles all over my office floor. This is due to me having no where to put them, since Waste Pro won't pick up our recyclables as they are contracted to do!

Well, today we had a call from the local Fox 4 news reporter asking to do an interview with me. I told her that the boss would be the better person to speak with. They came over, and we are now due to see the boss on the news in about an hour.

Yesterday I wrote the date all over a bottle, and stuck it in the recycle bin. Today I put a dated paper by it and took a picture. I was going to do this everyday until the recyclables were picked up, before we received the call from the reporter.

 They interviewed the boss...

...and got a shot of the bottles stacking up in my office, since I have no place to put them. Mom periodically hauls some off, or I take some home to recycle.

They say that they will pick up the recyclables on Thursday, but they have been saying that every time that we call. We'll see if being on the news makes a difference.

So Katy is gone now. I enjoy having her around. She's a good girl. However I'm glad to leave the feeding responsibilities of all of the other animals back to Mom and Tommy. It was about 2 hours per day being spent on traveling to three other places and feed 8 extra animals. Whew! I'm due to start my vacation in two days, and I can use it!