Monday, November 15, 2010

Katy-Kate: Part Deux, Day Two

So it's day two with Katy, and things are going well. The cats are adjusting to having her around. In fact, Delilah has decided that she loves Katy's bed, and this morning she even came over and laid down on the edge to share the bed with her.

But tonight she is taking the bed all for herself, and has even confiscated Katy's baby (see the orange toy that she is laying on?)

So where is Katy? Well after a quick bath to "freshen" her up, she has taken to the couch...

See, having Katy over is sort of like being the grandparent who gets the grandkids for the day-- you get to let them do all of the things that they normally aren't permitted to do, like climb all over the furniture. Just don't tell Mom. When she is surprised by Katy jumping up on the couch at her house, we can all just play dumb. Right?