Sunday, November 14, 2010


Mom and Tommy have had to go out of town a little lately, which has left me to care for their 9 animals on top of my 7. Their animals are spread across three different locations, and each morning and evening I have to care for them. The dog, Katy, is staying with me though and heading to work with me each day.

Katy sleeps by my bed at night...

...and greets me in the morning as if she hasn't seen me in weeks.Then I take her to work, and she sleeps near my desk.

Mom had told me not to leave the water out at night for the stray cat, as the raccoons will wash their paws in it and leave the bowl filthy. Well the water was left out the first night, and in the morning I found a dirty bowl of water and this...

Raccoon footprints heading under Mom's car. Sometimes Mom really knows what she's talking about!

Then I went to Tommy's to feed his two cats, and as I walked in I noticed a box on the floor for the cat to play in, and I spotted this in it...

That purple and green shirt caught my eye, because my ex-husband had the same shirt during our marriage. I remembered that my mom bought the shirts for both Tommy and my ex. It made me smile. I'd forgotten about that shirt!

Today I have Katy back again, as Mom and Tommy head out again. We set up Katy's bed in the livingroom, but Delilah promptly took it over.

Four of my five cats have now gotten pretty used to Katy. Momma still disappears when Katy is around, but even she will sometimes come into the room now when Katy is around. Today we are going to try to get a little work done in the yard, and will be giving Katy-Kate a bath. Enjoy your weekend!