Monday, December 6, 2010

RECIPE: Heather's Sauteed veggies over steamed rice and chili beans

We made a trip to the Green Market this weekend, where I have been picking up my weekly local produce (for the most part. Not all is locally grown, but most of it is). So Saturday night I threw together a quick and easy meal.

First I had Woodrow throw together one of his favorites that he makes for himself quite often- steamed rice and chili beans.

Then I sauteed up some cubanello (frying peppers), and onion, and corn from a few ears. I sauteed it all up in olive oil, and seasoned it with a little cumin and Lawry's seasoned pepper and salt. Then served it over the rice and chili beans.

Nice, easy and flavorful dinner! I've done a similar thing with other sauteed veggies in the past. Quick and easy!