Thursday, December 2, 2010

Zucchini: Day Eleven Progress Report

Yesterday was a pretty good day with Zuchi. Well, every day is a good day with Zuchi! After all, he is the smartest, sweetest and cutest puppy ever!

With the dropping temps last night, I decided it was a good time to try out his Christmas shirt that I got for Christmas pics.

That says "Dear Santa, Define Naughty". Poor puppy. I'm a cruel, cruel owner and thinking of buying a warmer sweater for him. They say that chihuahuas get cold easily.

Afterward he burrowed into his bed for additional warmth...

See? Cutest puppy ever!

Today Zuchi learned to scratch at the door to let me know that he needs to go out. We worked on it throughout the afternoon, and by 5:00 he was doing it on his own. Good puppy!

I kept trying to upload a video I call "A.D.D. Puppy", showing Zuchi playing with one toy and then running to another and then distracted by another, on and on and on for over a minute, but it keeps erroring on upload. So instead here is a video of him being really cute. He does this to Woodrow every night, sometimes much more exuberantly. He's pretty calm in this one.

And how is this for a peaceful work environment?

Yes, that is my bird that you see/hear in the videos. I was talking to one of our remote techs on the phone today, and during the conversation the presence of Zuchi was mentioned. "We have an office of pinball machines and puppies.", I told him. Later he overheard my bird Odie in the background and asked, "Is that a bird?" I told him, "Yep. I have one of those here, too." He just laughed. So far my boss hasn't complained about all of my animals at work. It's good for my morale, and his job is easier if my morale is high. It means that I will happily handle all of the emergencies that come up and not balk and complain too much when he wants to take off to go somewhere.

All last night, Zuchi stayed curled up tight against me for warmth. We had the window open, so it got really chilly in the bedroom. Brrrrrrrrrr!

So we will get ready for another day and assume that it is as good as the last!