Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dog Park

Zook loves to play! He cries if he knows he's going to the dog park (now referred to as "D.P.", because we've reached the point where we must spell things out in front of him to keep him from getting too excited), or if he is going to visit Mom's dog Katy.

I generally try to get Zook to the dog park once or twice a week, and also over to Mom's to play. This was Zook playing the other day with an adorable dog by the name of Garcon (French for "boy" or "fellow"), and the Min Pin Fraulein made an appearance or two, but mostly she kept to herself...

And today Zook got ganged up on by Elvis and dachshund Tex.

There were times when they seemed to be getting something of a "train" going on, as they each tried to "hump dominate" one another.

Zook has also been attending obedience class for a few weeks. We are working on sit, down, stay, come here, leave it/take it, drop it, as well as walking on a leash properly. He is doing quite well with all commands, but hasn't mastered them yet. He's really a fast learner, but he is so excitable that he has trouble controlling himself sometimes. But he is the "star pupil" in our small class of 3 dogs, as he is the only one that can be used to demonstrate the commands. One of the other dogs is a "scaredy cat", and the other is a bully that wants to go after the other dogs.

And even as I write this post, this is what I have in my lap...

...all twisted up and sleeping in this position. Cute as can be! And one of these days I'll get video of Zook playing with his girlfriend Shotsie (my youngest cat). They are becoming best buds, and when Zook comes home after work each day, Shotsie is there to greet him. The two of them put one another in headlocks and wrestle and chase one another. They love each other! Zook is an absolute joy to have around!