Sunday, September 4, 2011

Getting Inked: Part Two

Last night was the day-- the day to finish up the tat! This time it was just me and Woodrow, and we didn't have the long wait. The appointment was at 5 PM, and I was on the table and getting inked by 5:20 PM.

Stevie started by doing some "clean up" work on the outlining. As I stated in Part One, I wiggled a lot, and this resulted in some lines being "wiggly", and some perforation, causing some "skipped" spots in a couple of lines. So the first 30 minutes or so was clean up work on that. Most of that went much better than last time. First of all, I knew what to expect. Secondly, most of the line work wasn't long, extended lines. If all tattooing was that easy, I would likely do it again some day.

After that we started on the shading. That was really hit and miss. Occasionally he would hit a spot that I barely even felt. But a lot of the time (around my side) it was quite uncomfortable! I found the closer to my side, the more painful. Some spots closer in to my back didn't even hurt. I got to know by the way he was positioning whether the work he was about to do was going to really hurt.

Stevie agreed that I did much better this time around, not wiggling too much at all. And he said that, thanks to the clean up work he did, I no longer need to disclaim to everyone that I wiggled a lot and it affected the quality of the work. After cleaning up the lines, the piece is now something of which Stevie can be proud!

The tat is large and partially covered by my pants most of the time. And, being a bit of a tomboy, I love that my tat is rocking tough and not some frilly little feminine rose or butterfly. I'm curious to see how it turns out when all is said and done. Stevie said it is much darker right now than it will be. He said it will fade by 30-40% over the next few weeks, so much of it will actually be more of a silvery-gray that is sort of transparent. Right now, it is a pretty deep black across much of it. Note to family (read: MOM!): The tattoo is in a spot that is generally hidden. So most people will never even know that it's there! It shouldn't affect my future job possibilities, and I won't be a 70-year-old with a fading sleeve or anything. It's okay! Really it is! There is no need for panic or distress! (Mom really hates tattoos!)

So today I have that sunburned feeling, and I don't want my shirt to even touch me, but past experience tells me that tomorrow I'll just be a little sore, and after that my biggest issue over the next couple of weeks will be the itching! Oh, the itching! That is enough to drive you mad!

I'm happy with how it turned out, but I look forward to the fading, as what I had in mind was a silvery-shaded and reflective tat. So I'm excited to see the changes that occur in it over the next few weeks!

Looking for a tat in the Fort Myers area? Check out Howl Gallery/Tattoo! I'm sure that all of the guys there are great, but I can't recommend Stevie Bananas enough! Patient, professional, laid-back and good-natured, and a great artist to boot! Additionally they have an awesome art gallery, and a great show by Derek Hess going on right now. If I had a spare $500 to throw around, I'd definitely pick up one of his pieces!

Rock on!