Monday, April 30, 2012

She's back!

The little raccoon from yesterday is back once again.

Unfortunately for her, I did not put out any food today. But that didn't stop her. When she was denied a meal, and confronted by me and a snarling Zook, she wound up heading up my trellis to the roof...

Little Coon spent awhile sitting on my roof under the shelter of my schefflera, before coming back over to my trellis and hanging out at the top of it for awhile.

My jasmine is so wild right now, that you could not even see the coon from the outside...

She got really comfy up there, and wound up stretching out and napping for a bit, with her head resting on the roof.

She really is adorable! I feel so bad trying to scare her off and refusing to feed her, but figure it is for the best (for both of us). She hung out for probably an hour or so. She keeps looking for a place to get into the porch. Hopefully she won't find a way, since I have a cat door going into my house, and really don't want her in my house! We'll see how long she hangs around when there is no food for her.