Thursday, January 22, 2009

Orlando Day One

Well today was my first day at a conference in Orlando. I drove up by myself, and arrived at around 4 PM. First I had to do my obligatory room inspection.



I was surprised to see that the bed is a "sleep number" bed.
Sleep Number

Sleep Number

However the ignoramuses who designed the room decided to install a heater in a nook with an overlapping counter edge that blocks you from opening the panel to the dials.
Stupid heater

It's pretty tough to turn things on or off, and it's so cold here right now (getting down to freezing) that you need to be able to turn on the heat.

So I had to be to the other hotel for the "meet and greet" by 6 PM. We got our booth setup.

We've got some of our resellers and affiliates working our booths or surrounding us and working their own booths.
Bob Kille's booth

Russ' booth

I loved the fact that our company has become an established landmark. The booth across from us had a promotional flyer made up, and they used our booth as a landmark to direct people on how to find his booth.
Scavenger Hunt

We were fed Chinese food for dinner...
Dining area

...and then had some yummy desserts.

That's a key lime tartlet, mini Cannoli, and a little chocolate mousse cup (that was the best!)

We had some pretty good traffic at our booth. I worked until about 9:30 PM, then came back to the hotel and curled up in bed to get warm. I have free internet over here, so I was able to remote into work and get a little work done.

But now I need to get to bed, as it is 1 AM and I have to be up at 5 AM for Day Two. Night!